Patented interlocking aluminum cover features

* Rigid, All aluminum construction

* Aerodynamic, flush fitting, and sleek

* Self Retracting

* Quick and easy to operate, allows complete access to al sides of the bed

* Patented clamp design

pull strap for convenient opening and closing 


The handle features a pull strap for convenient opening and closing from the tailgate.

drain fitting

Recessed drain fitting ensures rapid and complete drainage of unit housing.  All water is directed through weepage in the truck bed.




Rollcover locking set

Low profile lock set controls linkage to four point locking system.  One lock point at each side track and two at tail-gate.  The system can be locked with a key for complete security or just closed and latched to conceal cargo or equipment.


Wide picture of the RollcoverOverview picture of the Rollcover

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